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Few years back I’ve wrote a post about how I’ve connected python based test to ELK setup - “ELK is fun”, it was using an xunit xml, parsing it and sending it via Logstash.

Over time I’ve learn a lot about ElasticSearch and it’s friend Kibana, using them as a tool to handle logs. and also as a backend for a search component on my previous job.

So now I know logstash isn’t needed for reporting test result, posting straight into elasticsearch is easier and gives you better control, ES is doing anything “automagiclly” anyhow nowadays.

What can it do ?

  • collect as much information as you can about one test results and running environment and send it to elasticsearch.
    • data like git commit/sha from current directory
    • jenkins environment variables, like job id and username triggered the job.
    • cool tracebacks which pytest excels at.
  • extend - let user configure (like target address and credentials) it from code, and add data of their own to each session or test.

Tricks I’ve picked on the way

Every time I start a new package, I learn a few new things, here’s a few I’m happy about this time:

  • Created the package with cookiecutter-pytest-plugin

  • I’m using pre-commit

    • black - instead of the old friend autopep8.

    • pylint in both python27 and python36 to keep the code clean of silly mistakes.

  • Travis

    build and test with Tox on all possible python versions.

    also uploading wheels to pypi based on tags.

    thanks to setuptools_scm version no need to edit files for setting version number.

  • Appveyor

    I also cover windows own little issue (non found so far).

  • Codecov

    really like that it can collect from multiple run, for example both linux and windows tests run, which helps to show the total coverage.

    got me to 93% line coverage (and going down as I add more code).

The bad stuff - a.k.a things I need to improve

  • Documentation - I’ve mostly wrote test, zero docs.

  • Name - it’s a bit boring, and might conflict with other plugins.

  • Kibana Dashboards examples

    I should really include some sample kibana dashboard to show the strength of it, it’s own test data is a bit boring.

  • auto generating and upload of docs

    I’ve tried using Travis Deploy to github Pages, didn’t exactly nailed, or got it working as I expect, maybe I should try readthedocs.

  • pytest-xdist

    I still need to test it with xdist, it’s going to make thing a more tricker, as usual.

What you should next

Go grab it, git it a star, fork it.

I’m waiting for your PRs, and your stories on how it’s help you tame a whole bunch of tests.

    # forgot to show how to install :\
    pip install pytest-elk-reporter

Published: June 24 2019

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